Damil Components that produce hubs and mtb wheels has presented for the 2020 the new 120 engagement points mechanism, compatible with all the damil hubs.

So for the Damil hubs there will be the possibility to choose whether to use the classic 60-engagement mechanism with 4 pawls, or if you want to mount the new 120-engagement mechanism with 6 pawls. Even the hubs that currently mount the old mechanics can be updated to 120 engagements only by replacing the freewheel body. The mechanism is entirely produced by Damil Components with the use of hardened stainless steel for both the ring nut and the ratchets.

How does it work?

Functioning is very simple. When 3 pawls are engaged, the other 3 are at rest halfway. This means that the pedaling engagement time is halved.

What are the benefits?

At the exit of a curve and when downhill there are raises to be made, the pedaling is always ready and responsive. The fluidity of pedaling is therefore improved, so as to minimize the waste of time during the race.

Who is this product dedicated to?

The mechanics are perfect for use in XC and Enduro both at a competitive and amateur level.

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